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PAIN - the guild that loves to be a pain to the horde as often as possible. This is a guild that has all the classes the Dumb Fighters, sneaky little back stabbing attack from behind no honor Thieves, Goody two shoe you can't hurt me Paladins, Overpowered two person raid team kill from a distance Hunters, unforgiving over dotting fearing Warlocks, freeze in place pain in butt Mages, mind manipulating shadow blasting Priest, totem dropping nothing but full of hot air Shamans, and wonderful all healing nature friendly Druids. We believe in playing a game, relaxing having fun, going on Drunken Tauren Mill Raids and just enjoying the game world of warcaft. If this sounds like the guild for you then log on to Anetheron run around and try and find one of us beg and plead. If we feel you have the fun loving atitude it takes to be a PAIN then you will be in.

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Uploaded by: guildpain on 2008-11-06 08:29:40
Zombie Rides a Griffon
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